These are the amazing young people who will be igniting the imagination of the world by giving away 10,000 pink balloons in the heart of Kabul.

Shamsia is one of the first and only female street Artist in Afghanistan. She started as a traditional painter, but after taking part on a graffiti workshop in Kabul, she decided to change her path and become a street artist. In her graffiti’s, Shamsia represents the struggle of women in Afghanistan, and at the same time their strength, power and beauty. After many years of work, Shamsia is today a recognized artist in the international graffiti scene.

Due to the power of her message, Shamsia has painted walls in streets of different places of the world, but in Kabul, her own city, she has never had the chance to make a real graffiti on the street. She has only painted interior walls of her friends’ houses, made digital interventions in Photoshop, and painted the walls of the Kabul University where she teaches young artists to make street art. This is about to change. With the support of the Sound Central Modern Art and Music Festival, Shamsia will be able to paint the first graffiti made by a female artist in the stress of Kabul.

She will have to fight against a whole society and tradition. But nevertheless, as the powerful women she is, Shamsia will do everything to achieve her dream, and paint with colors the grey streets of Afghanistan.

Our first video in a series of shorts focusing on Afghan artists. Hear directly from the young woman who is creating the series about what it feels like to be an 18 year old living in Kabul today.

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